20 December 2006
Is the Tim Worstall who blogs here the same as the Tim Worstall who blogs here? I think we should be told.

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  1. Didn’t TW say on his regular blog that he was seeking to use blogs that weren’t being updated in order to do some of his paid blogging for charity or something like that? I had a little look on his blog to find a link to quote but gave up.

    Posted by Natalie Solent on 20 December 2006 at 04:03pm

  2. Yes, It is MEEEEE!

    Plus some 40 other little blogs out there.

    I do indeed do a certain amount of paid blogging around the place and I do it off the main blog. For the fairly obvious reason that it’s all entirely tedious stuff. Also, because many seem to have the idea that blogging for $ is a bit naff. Which is fine except when I have a mortgage to pay. And a house to rebuild etc.

    The come on to get people to give me their old unused blogs was indeed that in the week of 20- 27 January (leading up to the RNLI fund raising day) I’ll be donating any money earned from that paid blogging to that fund raiser.

    It won’t be a fortune, by any means, perhaps low hundreds of $.

    Posted by Tim Worstall on 21 December 2006 at 06:15pm

  3. There’s nothing wrong with getting paid to blog (I do). What’s dodgy is taking money to rig search engine results for companies; not disclosing that that’s what you’re doing is even more dubious. (And I say this who likes Tim and his legitimate blogging.)

    Posted by Jackie Danicki on 22 December 2006 at 03:11pm

  4. Jackie’s probably right, I should stick a disclosure policy on that as I have on some of the other ones.

    Posted by Tim Worstall on 23 December 2006 at 04:00pm

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