11 December 2006
Of course the Russians did it

“Alex Deane - formerly Chief of Staff to David Cameron…” is a not a good introduction to any article but his rant at dinner party tittle-tattle on the Litvinenko affair rewards persistence:

Then there’s the fatuous - “we can’t be sure the Russians did it”. You think someone else, with no motive but framing the Russians, got some dedicated agents, got hold of this stuff and then, rather than taking up the career in world class chemistry that beckoned to them, smuggled it into the UK to kill someone who was… erm… one of the best attackers of the regime they must clearly hate if they wanted to do down Russia..?

Indeed.  Not that that’s the end of the affair:


Worst of all the responses so far, there’s the pseudo-diplomat doing real politique at the dinner table - “Ah, but the Russians have all the oil - we can’t mess with them”.

To which I suppose the response should be: “We have all the money - they can’t mess with us.”

Read the whole thing, as they say.

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