01 December 2006
Procedure for dealing with Australians over the course of the next couple of months

Australian: What about the cricket then?
Human: Huh?

A: You know, the cricket.
H: Which one?

A: The one in Australia.
H: Why on earth should I be concerned about the well-being of a single, solitary Antipodean insect?

A: No, the game, mate.
H: What game?  And I am not your mate.

A: The game of cricket.
H: I have no idea what you are talking about.

A: It’s in all the papers.
H: No, it isn’t. [Hands over newspaper]

A: [Scratching head] I don’t get it… You’re right…  It’s not here.
H: [Relieved at successful national conspiracy to eradicate all knowledge of bat and ball games] Now, where’s my pint.

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  1. Warnie. Warnie. Warnie.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 10 December 2006 at 06:08am

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