27 April 2006
Competition time

Here’s a little challenge for you should you feel so inclined:

Name a Scottish professional footballer

I am damned if I can.  In the Seventies it would have been difficult not to what with Bremner, Dalglish, Wilson, Gemmel, McQueen, Jordan etc all playing.

Just to prove that the boot can be put on the other foot:

Name a successful English manager

I am talking serious silverware here ie League Championship, European Cup or managing a serious football team for a reasonable length of time.  For the League I think Howard Wilkinson (in 1992) is the most recent.  For the European Cup I think it’s Joe Fagan (1984) and for the serious football team the nearest I can get is Kevin Keegan in his Newcastle days.

Just blips or signs of deeper truths?

Update Aargh!  Turns out that Bob Wilson wasn’t/isn’t Scottish.  Not that that stopped him playing for the national team.  Ditto his successor.

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  1. I won’t add a Smiley, but I’ve at least one namesake playing in the Scottish Premier League.

    Posted by James Hamilton on 30 April 2006 at 03:32am

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