16 April 2006
New Earth

So it’s happened again.  Not for the first time I have dreaded the return of Doctor Who only to be pleasantly surprised by the first episode.  OK, so I spent most of the time hiding behind the sofa in fear of some victimist moralising but apart from one ugly moment we were largely spared.  Otherwise, what we got was pretty good stuff.


  • This would have made an excellent two-parter.  There’s a lot of mileage in the idea of stem-cell research going too far.  You could have had one of the stem-cell people (SCPs) escaping and all sorts of odd things going on with the hospital trying to recapture him.  Actually, that was a general criticism of the first (new) season.  A lot of good ideas were given far too short a shrift.
  • Is it just me or was the Cassandra Rose preferable to the Rose Rose?
  • How did the SCPs learn to walk, talk and think?
  • Who thought it was a good idea to place the control that opens all the doors in a corridor and make it that easy to operate?
  • And what was that last bit with Cassandra-Mick going back to see Younger Cassandra?  Oh, I know, to tell her that she’s so beautiful so that she doesn’t turn into the self-obsessed megalomaniac she does turn into.  But hang about, doesn’t this violate the “don’t change history” rule?  Talking of which, aren’t all points in time somebody’s history?
  • Liked the cat make-up.  At least, I assume it was make-up. 
  • David Tennant is a fantastic doctor.

Update: Much more here.  Oh, and the SCPs learnt to walk/talk etc by osmosis.  Was it worth it?

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