24 April 2005
Low turnout and why it’s not a problem

This evening, while with some of my libertarian friends the conversation turned to the upcoming general election and the expected low turnout. 

This is an issue that seems to vex all sorts of people but it occurs to me that maybe it shouldn’t.  Maybe what we are in fact seeing is the triumph of market research.  In their efforts to garner as many votes as possible the parties have spent a lot of money on polling, focus groups and other forms of market research.  Consequently, they have ended up with remarkably similar agendas.  Choosing between them is a bit like choosing between Daz and Ariel and about as important.  So, for most people it doesn’t much matter whether they vote or not.

So, they don’t.

It also occurs to me that what we have seen in recent years is the separation of the business of politics from the business of opinion forming.  Not that long ago politicians believed they could shape the debate.  Churchill, Thatcher, Powell, Benn all fell into that category.  Try finding a politician who thinks that nowadays.  They just don’t exist.

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  1. Your trackback thingy doesn’t seem to be working.

    I’ve written another post on this topic here.

    Posted by Andy Wood on 26 April 2005 at 02:13am

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