23 February 2005
State responsible for 40% of all aircraft delays - assuming I've read this right …link


  1. This comment is transport-related,  if about rail,  not air.  I`m more of a statist myself,  but do resent the apparently strong influence of the state in forcing the removal of good old slam-door trains which represent quality British engineering from the days when we built to last.  All those who claim to hate them should take a realistic look at the ugly plasticky rubbish in their place with it`s less generous space, worse seats, less efficient door layout, above all,  lack of openable windows and Natural Ventilation for relatively short commuter journeys (as opposed to intercity),etc.  Halt the withdrawal of all remaining slam-door trains and the risk-obsessive safety hysteria,  instead have a real debate on how people want trains to be designed,  even if it would cost a bit more.

    Posted by tom on 27 February 2005 at 05:10am

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