21 February 2005

Further to the IDS thing, Norm Geras reckons its “user-neutral”.  I, for one, am quite happy to let him believe that.

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  1. Hi m8 i visited your transport blog as i needed Alistair Darling’s email. I couldnt find it on the labour site, i wanted to email him a transport proposal in regards to the DVLA i will post it in few minutes just clearing up a few issues. As with lack of feedback on your transport blog i understand i just started my blog and get 0 visits but thats no problem as i know in time that may change. Check out my blog if you like maybe we can exchange comments raspberry keep it up m8 and dont let the B*ds get you down wink .

    Posted by Political Maestro on 23 February 2005 at 12:45am

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