20 February 2005
Before you read any further, sit down and take a deep breath

The Guardian has printed something intelligent about blogs and Iain Duncan Smith is the byline.

Feeling better yet?  Guardian?  Iain Duncan Smith?  I know, I know.  Now while we can’t be sure that IDS wrote it we can be sure the Guardian published it.  Instapundit says so, so it must be true.

IDS reckons that blogs are going to change the way politics operates in the UK.  Who knows perhaps it will force politicians to stop taking the credit for the work of their poorly-paid minions.

UPDATE.  Brian thinks that while it may be good for the right it might not be good news for the Conservative Party.  And Guido has this:

The dead-tree-news medium is slow and lazy, the need to cozy up to political sources makes them unwilling to be as ferocious as they should be in a healthy democracy.

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