18 February 2005
Columbo Alert

Here’s a real treat for all you Columbo fans (eg me).  On Saturday, at 2:35pm Channel 5 is showing Prescription: Murder, the very first ever Peter Falk Columbo.  So, you thought Peter Falk was the only ever Columbo?  Not quite

This 1968 pilot was only one of many steps in bringing Link and Levinson’s dream to the small screen.  In all it took three pilots and 10 years to see the emergence (in 1971) of one of the most popular detective series ever.

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  1. Mrs Columbo, she a big fan of yours. There’s just one thing I gotta get straightened out in mind…

    Posted by Mark Holland on 19 February 2005 at 06:37pm

  2. More film info:

    I notice The Wrong Arm of the Law is on tomorrow afternoon. According to the user comments on imdb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056704/usercomments) it was filmed around your neck o’ the woods.

    Posted by Mark Holland on 23 February 2005 at 03:39am

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