03 February 2005
Fact of the Day

In the Second World War, France lost almost as many men as the US.

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  1. You forget the civilian casualties.

    I don’t have the document to hand but I read that the French government (at the point of asking for an Armistice in 1940) estimated that there were 13 million refugees on the roads and railways of France. Anecdotal evidence (including from my relatives who were there) suggests that a very high proportion of the French population was fleeing German troops.

    A look at the river crossings throughout north and western France will reveal a small plaque recording a company of French troops that stood their ground.

    During the Normany landings in June 1944 more French civilians were killed than combattants on both sides (BEFORE Caen).

    Posted by Antoine Clarke on 08 February 2005 at 11:11pm

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