16 April 2011
Musings on IPL team names

First, from the get-go they’ve had nicknames.  This is obviously the way of the future.  You have been warned English Premier League teams with vapid or silly or non-existent nicknames.  I’m thinking of you Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool.  We’ll be OK in Watford where we not only have a nickname but a nickname for the nickname.

But the (Indian) nicknames seem to have certain stock themes.  They’re either royal:

Chennai Super Kings
Royal Challengers (do royals challenge?) Bangalore
King’s XI Punjab
Rajasthan Royals

or military:

Deccan Chargers
Kolkata Knight Riders
Pune Warriors

Rather remarkable for a republic that tends to avoid wars.

The only exception to this seems to be the Kochi Tuskers Kerala although this could be a reference to war elephants.  Oh, and the Delhi Daredevils.

I do feel that a chance has been missed to incorporate some local/specific flavour. Why not the Mumbai Moneybags or the Bangalore Hackers?  I suspect the Delhi Bellies might not go down well.

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  1. There was a baketball team named the New Orleans Jazz (good) which moved to Salt Lake City and became the Utah Jazz (stupid). And they go for stupid names there: the soccer team named Real Salt Lake must have the stupidest name ever.

    Someone once suggested that the “Washington Rentseekers” would be a great name for a sporting team, but that would require a sense of humour.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 17 April 2011 at 01:59pm

  2. Similarly, LA Lakers used to be the Minnesota Lakers. There are a lot of lakes in Minnesota, whereas in LA they are thin on the ground.

    The Mumbai Indians is really naff. So is the Houston Texans.

    Quite like Rugby League’s Leeds Rhinos. There are probably lots of animals in Yorkshire, but I bet there isn’t a single rhinoceros.

    Posted by Peter Briffa on 30 April 2011 at 09:10pm

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