23 March 2011
Harrowing tales from North-East Japan

If you are feeling worryingly happy, as if life’s going just a bit too well; Top Tip: switch over to NHK’s tsunami coverage.  That will solve your over-exuberance in an instant.  While our MSM is beginning to pack up its bags, Japan’s journalists have no choice.  So we get gems like:

  • The mother who told her daughter to “run over there” only to see her swept away.
  • The old woman who returns to where her house once was to find that her only recoverable possession was a solitary shoe.
  • The woman who all very sensibly toddled along to the disaster shelter.  The tsunami flooded the shelter almost up to the ceiling.  She only survived by clinging on to a curtain rail.  Almost everyone else in the shelter died.
  • The model tsunami defence system that took 30 years to build and turned out to be completely useless.
  • The hospital which flooded up to the fourth floor (of five).  Two thirds of the occupants died.

I’ve just seen a piece on the convenience store, Lawson’s attempts to stock their shops in the disaster zone.  They can produce the stuff but can’t get it there.  The roads are out and the airplanes are full.  At the other end I’ve heard stories that the banking system is up the spout so no one has any money to pay for this stuff anyway.

In comparison, the news from the Fukushima nuclear plant - by the way, as best as I can work out Fukushima means “Happiness Island” (I jest not) - is good.

The combined confirmed death and missing toll is now about 18,000.  Just by way of comparison the British death toll on the first day of the Somme was 19,000.

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  1. For balance.

    Posted by mike on 23 March 2011 at 11:07pm

  2. Choice quote:

    ”...face-punching a tsunami and dragging your wife of two decades out of the flooded wreckage of your home…”

    Posted by mike on 23 March 2011 at 11:37pm

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