06 December 2010
What’s stopping England leaving FIFA?

Because if they did they wouldn’t be able to play in the World Cup.  That’s what the argument (see here for an example, right at the end by the way) boils down to.  Maybe, maybe and if that were the end of the story it would be a loss.  But the fun of putting two fingers up to FIFA would more than compensate for it.  And who knows how things would develop.  I doubt if England are alone in being shafted by FIFA and people are going to want to play us FIFA or no.

If I were in charge I think I would be inclined to go ahead and organise the World Cup regardless.  OK, so our only opponents might turn out to be Tibet, Vanuatu and Scotland but it would still be fun.

Hey, we could even take the opportunity to sort out some of the stupider rules.

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  1. Well, FIFA would no doubt pressure UEFA to exclude England and English clubs from European competion. UEFA wouldn’t want to do this - Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal out of the Champions League would be bad - but they might not feel like a fight either. A fight would be good, of course.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 07 December 2010 at 03:06am

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