04 October 2010
Uh oh

Just been listening to George Osborne’s speech to the Conservative Party Conference.

Oh dear.  Oh, fucking dear.  We’re fucked.  Totally and utterly screwed.

The human part of his brain does seem to have some idea of how big a hole we’re in.  Sadly, the politician part - the dominant part - does not.  So, he’s going to protect the NHS and medical research and high-speed lines (I kid you not!).

And next week it will be the Army and then education - he’s already pretty much ruled out any serious welfare reform.  And the week after that: everything else.

The rule with cuts is: no exceptions.

There was a brief period when I was prepared to believe that the Coalition might just have the balls do what was necessary.  OK, it’s not quite over yet but I am not optimistic.

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