26 January 2010
List of things that are likely disappear if people stop believing in climate change

In no particular order:

  • Recycling bins, containers and collections
  • Car recycling laws
  • The ban on incandescent light bulbs (incidentally, I will say one good thing for energy-saving ones: they start off dark which is really good when your eyes need time to adjust)
  • Wind farms
  • High-speed rail schemes
  • Some of the fuel duty
  • The law that demands that energy info is displayed on white goods.  (That’s the law not the actual display which I suspect is actually quite useful)
  • Carbon trading
  • All those academics living high off the AGW hog
  • Toyota Piouses

Can anyone think of any others?

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  1. * The sign in the kitchen at work telling me I should measure water into the kettle before boiling it.

    * Power saving features of mains powered electronic gadgets.

    Actually I don’t think many of these things would disappear: they would get new excuses.  I think the real reason people like to recycle is aesthetic.  I have even heard the argument: “If there is no global warming then reducing CO2 emissions is still a good idea because all that CO2 in the atmosphere is unnatural and therefore must be bad.”

    “they start off dark which is really good”

    But really bad when you just want to see what you’re doing NOW.  But really good (in the same way that displaying prices without VAT already added is good) because every time I turn on a light I curse the authorities.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on 26 January 2010 at 06:39pm

  2. That word “likely” in your title doesn’t weigh too heavily on my scales. As Rob says, excuses will not be difficult to find.

    Near the top of my wish-begone-list however, would be the solar power industry, with State energy and planning departments following closely.  Things are still moving fast however, and the question which interests me is how much, if any, of it is due to inertia.

    Posted by mike on 28 January 2010 at 08:49pm

  3. Things likely to disappear if we stop believing in climate change (assuming that means we stop doing anything about it):
    * much if not most sea life, including fish stocks;
    * unprecedented numbers of animals as they become extinct on land;
    * millions of people (gradually and painfully) in the most affected areas of earth;
    * crops, such as wheat and other grains, in areas where they are currently grown and depended upon by countries, for trade as well as food….

    But hey! That can’t be true! That would be really uncomfortable! So let’s ignore it.

    Posted by Judy on 02 February 2010 at 05:21am

  4. oh, I forgot:
    * Pacific Islands;
    * Pacific Islanders;
    * glaciers - yes, including the Himalayan glaciers, even if it isn’t by 2035;
    * rainforests, with or without the correct referencing….

    But maybe there’s a buck to be made, so that’ll be alright.

    Posted by Judy on 10 February 2010 at 03:43am

  5. First principles apply:
    Taxes never go down.
    Regulations never go away.
    Restrictions are never loosened except by force or overwhelming majority vote.
    Legislatures never vote themselves a pay cut.
    Warmenist faithful will never disappear or recant, ...this is just a momentary lull in the warming, and Glowbull warming causes local cooling and heavier snowfall…didn’t you know?

    Posted by doug in Colorado on 16 February 2010 at 10:57pm

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