06 November 2007
Podcast: Brian and I talk about the First World War

In which we cover the Blackadder school of history, tanks, the German character, whether Britain should have fought or not, why Germany lost and Crozier’s Grand Theory of 20th Century History.

Before we recorded this conversation Brian put up a trailer on Samizdata which reaped a bumper crop of good comments.  Sure, there was some wheat in with chaff but a lot of them were first rate.  It was an exercise I suspect Brian will repeat in the future.


Field Marshal Haig (as Blackadder would have it) appears in this clip (it’s the second scene in):

This is General Melchett and Haig’s secret plan:

As funny as they are inaccurate.

Belgian neutrality did indeed date back to 1839.

The late Chris Tame was head honcho of the Libertarian Alliance.

The development of the tank was indeed sponsored by the Admiralty and the Landships Committee.

This is the Bloch we mention, the one who predicted how awful the war was going to be.

This is Brian on DUKWs.

I was right that Haig’s conception of the war included four phases.  The one I missed was the initial clash.

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  1. Fine listening once again.

    Would a Skype based round table work I wonder. David Vance did a few sessions last winter which were fun. Even I rang into one.

    Posted by Blognor Regis on 10 November 2007 at 03:16am

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