30 October 2007
Podcast: Bruce Benson on private law

I first came across Professor Bruce L Benson when reading his excellent paper on the history of toll roads in England.  So, when I learnt that he was to be addressing the Liberty 2007 conference, organised by the Libertarian Alliance, I very much wanted to see if I could get him to agree to do a podcast.  Luckily, he did.

We decided to talk about private law enforcement.  While we managed to cover areas like how it would work and how you would prevent next door turning into a pub, time prevented us examining some of the other issues, like how the courts would work and what would prevent the re-emergence of the state.  But even so, I think it works pretty well.

This was my first attempt to conduct an interview with a handheld mike which accounts for some of the rustles and for the difference in the loudness of our respective voices.  I think it’s one of those cases where you live and learn.  I just hope it doesn’t spoil the listener’s enjoyment too much.

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