14 September 2007
Testing a combined blog and podcast feed

Recently, my thoughts have been turning towards podcasting.  But, if I am going to do it I’d like to be able to set up the feeds correctly so that an aggregator knows what to do with it.  In the case of the Bloglines aggregator, if it recognises a podcast as a podcast, it can do a couple of funky things one of which is to stream the podcast - useful for the listener if the podcast goes into tens of megabytes, which so many do.

Anyway, after a number of experiments and a sharp learning curve, I think I’ve figured out a way of doing it as well as integrating the podcast feed with the regular blog feed.  So, if you’re reading this via RSS you should at least get an enclosure, if you’re reading this via Bloglines you should get a play button below and if you’re reading this all regular like a link should appear below.

We shall see…

The podcast in question is me talking to Brian about Emmanuel Todd.  Which is worth republishing in and of itself.

Update  Well, it works in RSS 2.0 but not Atom.  Not a complete disaster given that not a lot of people subscribe to Atom but still, not good.

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