07 September 2007
To the Filing Cabinet #04

I have been continuing to trawl the LA archives for those pamphlets that I remember enjoying the first time round.  For the most part I haven’t re-read them so I can only hope that the say what I think they say.


Abolish the Welfare State and restore some Respect, Brian Micklethwait, Samizdata, 17 January 2006.  The Welfare State causes crime.

I Am A Libertarian Because…, Brian Micklethwait, Libertarian Alliance, 2002.

A Neither Profound Nor Original Article on Why the Sale and Use of Recreational Drugs Ought Not to Be Illegal, Sean Gabb, Libertarian Alliance, 1998.  Good, precisely because it is neither profound nor original.

Arguing About the Welfare State: A Radio Confrontation With Professor Peter Townsend,  July 17 1996, Brian Micklethwait, Libertarian Alliance 1996.  Only tangentally about welfare or even tactics, but fun anyway.

The Success of the Industrial Revolution and the Failure of Political Revolutions: How Britain Got Lucky, Findlay Dunachie, Libertarian Alliance, 1996.  The Channel meant we didn’t need an army.  The lack of an army made it difficult to oppress us.  So, we were free.  So, we started the Industrial Revolution.

Why Guns Should Not Be Illegal, Brian Micklethwait, Libertarian Alliance, 1995.  Another article on guns.  Interesting because of the Jamaican example.

The Inevitability of Prejudice, Axel Davies, Libertarian Alliance, 1995.  This is one of my all-time favourite pamphlets. 

Culture, Virtue and Freedom: How Civil Society in Britain Has Been Undermined and How to Rebuild It, Simon McIlwaine, Libertarian Alliance, 1995.  After a slightly dull start the author takes few prisoners as he lays into the welfare state.

Education still in a mess despite cash injection, Jeff Randall, Daily Telegraph, 7 September 2007.  In the UK, that is.  More money, less discipline, easier exams.


JR East to lift speed limit of Shinkansen to 320 kph, Asahi 27 July 2007

Hospital food fails safety inspection, Burning our money, 13 August 2007.

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