23 April 2007
Challenger tank blown up

When I first read in Michael Yon’s article some two weeks ago that a Challenger 2 tank had been blown up in Iraq I was sceptical.  Surely it would have been mentioned on the news or at very least on the MoD website?  But no.  Coupled with a few other things in his report that didn’t ring true I assumed this was a typical bit of journalistic lilly gilding.

So imagine my surprise when it turned out that he was right all along.

The destruction of a Challenger 2 is big news.  To the best of my knowledge it is the first British tank of any description to be put out of action in half a century.  The new-found vulnerability of a vehicle with some of the most advanced armour in the world may - though I can’t be sure about this - I’d be surprised if it didn’t - have all sorts of implications for the way operations will in future be conducted.

So, why the delay?  Did the MSM not know?  Did they know but not understand the significance?  Were they told to keep schtum?  If so why - the BBC tells us that an Abrams goes skywards almost every other week?  If they were told to keep schtum what else has this been applied to? 

In other words, what else don’t we know?

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  1. The advantage of subversive propaganda by the MSM is that when a REAL military setback occurs no one notices.

    Imagine the Zulu War of 1879: “Quagmire as British troops one advance 1.5 miles a day!” “15 cows seized by insurgents on Natal border!!” “Soldiers DIE OF DISEASE!!!” and then when the first battle of Isandlwana results in annihilation, it gets relegated to the filler columns: “Insurgents capture British weapons.”

    And my favorite wallowing headlines would be: “We should have stuck with Chaka Zulu, says Lord Raglan!!!!!” and “100s KILLED at Rorke’s Drift!!!!!!!”

    Posted by Antoine Clarke on 09 May 2007 at 04:26am

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