28 March 2007
Public v. Private

Wat Tyler:

Project One- “Construction on the £4.3 billion Heathrow Terminal 5 complex began in 2002. Since when, the project has successfully moved 9 million cubic metres of earth; erected the roof of UK’s biggest free-standing building; transported the 900-tonne top cab of a new 87m high control tower 2km across the airfield; bored over 13km of tunnels for rail and baggage; diverted two rivers; and installed over 30,000 sq metres of glass facades. All T5’s footprint is contained within a former sewage works at the western end of the existing airport, situated between the two runways, adjacent to the M25.

With 366 days to go (leap year in 2008), over 90% of construction-related work is complete and the project remains on time and on budget.”

Project Two- The £800m Wembley stadium finally opened for business. It’s nearly seven years since the last game at the old stadium. The project has been delivered a year late, and around £200m over budget.

Actually, it’s even more than £200m.

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  1. And a lot of the damage has admittedly been suffered by the Australian shareholders of Multiplex. (Next time you encounter an Australian shareholder, mention Wembley and listen to them bitch. They will do it for hours).

    The question with T5 is whether BAA can manage it properly once it is open. Their record is rather lacking.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 30 March 2007 at 02:44pm

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