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28 February 2005
New title

Or should that be new old title?  Anyway, I was never going to be without Croziervision for very long - it’s kinda catchy and I like it.  v3.0?  Well there have been one or two previous versions. 

Incidentally, I’ve also set it up so that www.croziervision.com is now the URL for the home page.  No need to update existing links, though - these will still work.

25 November 2004
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Me, after a hard day’s blogging

About me. When I read someone else’s blog I usually want to know something about them. Where they live, what they do, their age, their background etc.  So, it would hardly be surprising if readers wanted to know something about me.  However, giving out personal information is something I am extremely reluctant to do. I feel that as soon as you’ve said even the merest thing then you’ve opened the floodgates.  Mind you in blogging under my own name I already have.  Anyway, this is what I am prepared to say: I am late-thirties, I live in London, I am single, I have a job, I am a libertarian.

My first blog was UK Transport which later became Transport Blog.  My second was called "This blog has no title" and was a personal blog.  Then came Croziervision which was (originally) a digest blog.  I was a founder member of Biased BBC.  I have also written for Samizdata, übersportingpundit and Dodgeblog.  Not a bad blogging CV I’d say.

Update 27/11/06  Following on from Jackie’s comment, don’t follow that TBHN link.  No, really, DON’T do it.  Follow this one instead.  Seems that at some point I changed some Blogger settings and lost my domain name.  Whoops!

24 November 2004

What is this blog for?  I ask because the answer to that question will to a large extent determine what the blog ends up looking like.  Form will follow function.

Of course, right here and now, I don’t know.  I think I know what I am going to do here: write about current affairs, link to stuff other people have written about and other things that interest me.  But that could easily change.

UPDATE.  I should also point out that I am also going to be writing about blogging itself.

The purpose of this blog is to reinvent the blog from the bottom up; to question absolutely everything and to assume nothing.  Mind you, there is an assumption in that statement: that I want a blog.