17 September 2010
21 August 2010
"The state is an error log growing out of control." Jeffrey Tucker comes up with an analogy which more or less works.

22 July 2010
Crash-avoiding car crashes

Regular viewers of Top Gear will already have seen this but it’s still hilarious.

19 January 2008
Hamish McRae: "One of the great things about Independent readers is their loyalty".

Peter Briffa: "Indeed. The same is often said of people who watch films on Betamax..."

19 December 2007

“I have finally decided to take the plunge. Last night I upgraded my Vista desktop machine to Windows XP…” Coding Sanity

“I never thought I could be so disappointed by a band I didn’t even like in the first place” - Squander Two goes to a Verve concert …link
12 December 2007
At the frontiers of science…

...just asking why people drink, as Squander Two points out, just won’t do.  No, at the cutting edge, the art lies not in finding answers but in finding questions.  Like what happens if you take one of these:


And make it the same size as a human being?

Or, what happens if you hit a journalist with a shovel?

12 September 2007
Too easy to turn off the alarm?

Then try this:

What will they think of next?

The alarm clock that rolls round the room, forcing you go to get up…

...and switch it off and go back to bed.

31 July 2007
“F**kwit Flambé”

From Theo Spark

02 May 2007
This is a public information film

The hidden dangers of threadbare clothing

(Hat-tip: Japan Probe)

02 November 2006
Croziervision quote of the day

This is a beautifully produced book - including some beautiful photographs of very well looked after pigs which unsentimental animal lovers will both appreciate and look forward to eating.

Harry Phibbs reviews the Duchy Originals Cookbook.

06 October 2006
The Dissident Frogman celebrates Ramadan as only the Dissident Frogman can. Warning: not for the squeamish.

09 September 2006
Oh yeah…

In 1883, we are told, a stall in Petticoat Lane was selling condoms decorated with the heads of Queen Victoria and Mr Gladstone.

Noel Malcolm reviews The Middle Class: A History by Lawrence James.

22 June 2006
Huh? - "An orthopaedic consultant has found that [Noel] Edmonds is suffering from repetitive strain injury in his right elbow from lifting the telephone too often on his new television game show, Deal or No Deal."

12 June 2006
"The only catch is that you need to first install hundreds of feet of railway track to wind around the garden." But if it's the only way to get round the hosepipe ban...

14 March 2006
14 February 2006
What do you do if you're organising industrial action but your members are all too busy to take part? Why, you hire yourself some pickets
18 January 2006
Quote of the Day

Personally, I think that “Terry and June” is very, very funny. I also like “Only Fools and Horses” and “The Paralympics”.

Noreen, working up to an attack on Fawlty Towers

30 October 2005
No work today - Brian's found an addictive new game (even if he's lost his own site) …link
30 May 2005
The Normblog definitive list of cool names - is up. My fav is Djamolodine Abdoujaparov or is it Evonne Goolagong? …link
09 April 2005
Baby Names - Find out how popular your name has been at various points in the past century, er, in the US. (via CS&W)  …link
02 April 2005
Jane Fonda doesn’t actually apologise for going to Hanoi…

...but the real star of this report is the writer, one Francis Harris, for:

As is traditional in the United States, the confessional interview is part of the pre-publicity for a book, in this case Fonda’s new autobiography, Jane Fonda: My Life So Far.


The television owner Ted Turner telephoned her the day news of her divorce from Hayden became public. They married, but he later found God and left her.


21 March 2005
Glenn Reynolds is… - c*nt of the week …link
04 March 2005
Who would start a posting like this?

Droughts are really boring, so are famines. Just loads of people hanging around looking miserable and living in crappy tents. Earthquakes are OK..

Read on, it gets worse.

16 February 2005
Hockey = gay - say Emerald Bile. Makes you wonder what they think of rugby …link
08 February 2005
Emerald Bile

They’re not f*cking joking.  For instance:

Tennis is for c*nts, I hate tennis and I hate anyone who plays it. People who take tennis lessons are even bigger c*nts. And I hate the way they pick up the ball with their racket. Use your f*cking hands or I’ll chop the bastards off, then you will remember how much I hate you every time you try to wipe your arse.

Via Harry Hutton.

21 January 2005
Blondes have more fun - but not if they find images of dead vermin disturbing …link
06 December 2004

[T]here are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.


04 December 2004

Lest there be any mistake, this blog is officially against frog bashing.  However some examples are just too good to miss.