February 2011

12 February 2011
Advice for people involved in internecine disputes

1. Shut up.  Suffer any injustice rather than go public.

2. Do the work.  The winners (I am reliably informed) are the ones who do just that.

08 February 2011
I've just been watching the Dispatches investigation into the shocking, shocking scandal in which journalists hacked celebrities' voicemails.

I tried not to laugh but when Alistair Campbell started whining about it, well, it would take a heart of stone not too...

Is climate science a science?

According to Wikipedia science is “...is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the world.”

So, what has climate science come up with that is testable, has been tested and not failed the test?  There seem to be plenty of things that are not currently testable eg disaster in the future and a few things that have been tested and failed eg a new ice age, snow becoming an increasingly rare event.  There are also statements eg that next year will be much the same as this year which have been tested, haven’t failed but at the same time are indistinguishable from the null hypothesis.

I seem to remember that from time to time a warmist will pop up and say if we don’t sort things out in the next five years or whatever we’re doomed.  Presumably, some of these deadlines have by now run out.  Have the warmists involved turned round and said: “It’s all over, disaster is assured there’s no point in doing anything now it’s far too late.”?  It might not prove global warming but it would prove (or, rather, not disprove) warmist integrity.

06 February 2011
"In my living memory, every socialist failure has been blamed on the weather." Jeffrey Tucker …link