December 2010

18 December 2010
“Germany was never a threat to England.”

This line appeared in a recent round-robin email from Sean Gabb Co-Director of the Libertarian Alliance.

There’s a grain of truth in it.  From what I know Hitler very much wanted to avoid war with Britain.  His aim was to create a German empire in Eastern Europe.  But does anyone seriously think that having achieved his aim he wouldn’t have ended up turning his attentions to Britain?  He was the head of a national socialist regime.  Socialism doesn’t work.  Eventually, this becomes apparent and the regime gets into trouble.  And when regimes get into trouble they start wars.

06 December 2010
What’s stopping England leaving FIFA?

Because if they did they wouldn’t be able to play in the World Cup.  That’s what the argument (see here for an example, right at the end by the way) boils down to.  Maybe, maybe and if that were the end of the story it would be a loss.  But the fun of putting two fingers up to FIFA would more than compensate for it.  And who knows how things would develop.  I doubt if England are alone in being shafted by FIFA and people are going to want to play us FIFA or no.

If I were in charge I think I would be inclined to go ahead and organise the World Cup regardless.  OK, so our only opponents might turn out to be Tibet, Vanuatu and Scotland but it would still be fun.

Hey, we could even take the opportunity to sort out some of the stupider rules.

Authors often complain when their books get turned into films. They get particularly narked when they've sold the rights to someone who they thought would make a good job of it and then didn't.

Which got me wondering. What would happen if an author waived his rights? Just said: "Anyone can turn this into a film, play, tv series. I really don't care and I won't try any legal way to stop you."

Would it be that the wannabe film makers would have to be that much more careful? Because all of a sudden they no longer have exclusivity. If they fuck it all up then not only will the author tell the world what a load of old rubbish it is but the chances would be that there would be a better version coming along in the not-too-distant future.

04 December 2010
Alice is back - to tell us how the housing market is going to collapse …link
01 December 2010
Why this Wikileaks business may be incredibly important

I have this feeling that this whole Wikileaks business is not only significant for what it is in and of itself but also for what it heralds.

Here is my reasoning:

Wikileaks shows that from now on it will be impossible to keep a secret.

The Crozier theory of organisations states that organisations exist to keep secrets.

Therefore, organisations have had it.