January 2009

29 January 2009

If Britain was the first country to recover from the Depression last time round, why is it that this time around the British government is seeking to emulate the policies of the United States which was last country to recover?

I’ve noticed that one of the accusations made by the government (and mentioned in this very excellent piece by Sean Gabb) is that those who oppose their (alleged) anti-slump policies would rather “do nothing.”

To which the reply I suppose is that if doing something means stealing from taxpayers, savers and future generations - which after all is what the government’s policies amount to - then “doing nothing” is indeed the better option.

Update The link should now be working.

18 January 2009
John Mortimer, the charming leftie barrister/author, died a few days ago. I remember once (I think it was only the once) tuning into an edition of Wogan on which he was a guest. It was in the late 80s or perhaps early 90s - at least at a time when the early-90s recession was beginning to bite. At one point, he contrasted our then-current woes with the situation in the 1960s describing the 60s as a "Golden Age". At which point something happened which I have never seen before or since.

The audience howled at him.

I mean real rage. I mean real, right-wing rage aimed at a leftie.

Not exactly the sort of thing you'd ever get on Question Time.