May 2008

22 May 2008

...but funny.

07 May 2008

America is a great country1.  However, it is not a perfect country.  One of the things that gets my goat about it is how Americans commonly refer to the American War of Independence (which is what it was) as the American Revolution (which is what it wasn’t)2.

So, I was rather pleased to come across this (

<1MB) marvellous bit of revisionism from

Russ Roberts’s EconTalk with William Bernstein

The Boston Tea Party as the world’s first anti-globalisation riot.



1.  See America is a great country, by me.

2.  A little challenge I like to set people who think it was a revolution is to see if they can come up with ways in which after the war Americans were freer than their British counterparts.  I get a lot of mumbling and very few answers.